... my name's Jason Williamson. I'm a programmer and mobile developer obsessed with writing clean and simple code.

I have been programming games and applications for both web and mobile since 2008. Completing work for many high profile clients such as CBC, PBS Kids, YTV, ABC Australia. My main focus in development has been turning children’s television shows into a fun and educationally based interactive experience.

As technology has rapidly changed in the past few years, I am always learning and adapting new concepts and methodologies within my creative processes, and these processes have proved to be as enjoyable as the final result. I look forward in continuing to develop fresh ideas and to breaking new grounds

You can find out what I've been up to currently in my spare time by heading over to my blog checking out my github account for updates.

Jason Williamson
Yo Gabba Gabba //

iOS & Android

Language : Lua / Objective-C

Technology : MOAI SDK

Various retro games

Programmed gameplay, physics, graphics

Time Crisis //


Language : ActionScript 3.0

Technology : Flash

Fully featured strategy game

Programmed gameplay, levelling, UI

Pirates //


Language : ActionScript 3.0

Technology : Flash Media Server

Online multiplayer games

Programmed multiplayer functionality

Animal Mechanicals //


Language : ActionScript 3.0

Technology : Flash

Group of educational kids games

Programmed gameplay, levels, UI, sounds

Frannie's Feet//

PBS Kids Play !USA Only

Language : ActionScript 3.0

Technology : Flash

Intergrated into PBS's paid site

Programmed gameplay, UI, sounds

Dirt Girl World //

ABC Australia, CBC

Language : ActionScript 3.0

Technology : Flash

Immersive and fully interactive website

Gameplay, UI, sounds


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Mobile //
1 416 792 4076